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Can we actually say we have priorities as both individuals and as a community?

أحب الأعمال إلى لله أن تموت و لسانك رطب من ذكر لله

“From amongst the most beloved deeds to God is for one to die with one’s tongue still moist with the remembrance [dhikr] of God”. Mu’adh Bin Jabl, from al‐Albānī’s al‐Silsalah al‐Sahīhah.

But how does one remember?

For what purpose?

How can we prioritize if we are not even certain as to what we should be doing?

Imam al‐Haddad said concerning certainty:

فإن اليقين إذا تمكن من القلب و استولى عليه صار الغيب كأنه شهادة

“Certainty [yaqin] is that when it is in the heart and firmly established there, the Unseen will appear as if it is Seen.”

يأيها الإنسن ما غرك بربك الكريم الذي خلقك فسوك فعدلك في أي صورة ما شاء ركبك كلا بل تكذبون بالدين و إن عليكم لحفظين كراما كتبين يعلمون ما تفعلون

“Mankind! What has deluded you in respect to your Noble Lord, Who created you and fashioned you and portioned you and assembled you in whatever way God wished? Against all this you still deny the debt you owe God! But there are guardians over you, honorable and recording, who know what you do!” [Qur’ān, al‐Infitār (82), 6‐12]

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